Purpose of Establishment

Purpose of Establishment

The purpose of establishing the Korea Women's Health and Osteoporosis Foundation is as follows.

First, women are vulnerable to many diseases. Middle-aged women have a particularly high prevalence of chronic diseases such as stroke, dementia, and osteoporosis, and their quality of life due to these diseases is diminished, which causes families and other people to suffer psychologically as well.

Demented elderly women are already becoming a social problem, and various social organizations and academic societies are beginning to care for and support them. However, despite the fact that osteoporosis is especially common among various chronic diseases that occur in women, it is often ignored because of the lack of immediate symptoms. Thus, many women do not even realize that they could become "bent grandmas" and lack interest in osteoporosis prevention.

For osteoporosis in particular, once a fracture occurs, it not only brings upon economic problems but also physical aftereffects and a loss of quality of life. It is a disease that needs to be prevented and prepared for in advance, especially for those who are not socially independent or economically stable.

Therefore, in order to systematically implement the health including osteoporosis treatment, prevention, support, and education programs for elderly women, we have established the Korea Women's Health and Osteoporosis Foundation